If You Have Ever Wanted Kids, You Won't Anymore After You Read This.

Posted by Michael Avery in Geeks and Gaming On 17th February 2017

Children are kind of creepy to begin with, let's face it. They don't always mean to be but it's way too often they look up and say something horrifying. They'll hover over you in the darkness and scare the piss out of you when all they wanted was cup of water. Or they'll tell you stories that make you question your sanity and safety. Sometimes I wonder whose bed we need to look under, my kid's bed or my bed? Creepy kids, man. They alter your perception of reality!


1. Little girl

...Yikes, I wonder how grandma reacted?


2, Babysitting gone wrong

I would never watch her again...


3. Good Guy Nick

Well.... thanks, Nick.

4. Neo-Nazi in the making?

What the heck have these parents been teaching these kids?


5. Evil Genius?

Either this child is an evil genius or you need to stop spending the night at your old home when you're visiting from college.

6. I have a suggestion to note in his file...

Possible future serial killer.

7. Creepy kid...

Actually on second thought, me too.

8. Is this kid woke?

Or just creepy.

9. Houston, we have a problem.

When the babysitter sends the wrong message to the kid...

10. Two seconds of NOPE

Get outta here with that, kid.