If You're Not Afraid Of Spiders You Will Be After Watching This.

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 18th July 2017

A poor unsuspecting cricket becomes dinner in a flash in this viral video that has been terrifying millions of people online.

#1 This unsuspecting cricket gets a little too close to the spider’s hidden trap.

The slow-motion video shows an African red trapdoor spider leaping out of it's hidden hole in the ground for a quick snack.


#2 The spider suddenly lunges from its hiding place.

The cricket is held by the spider's forelegs while it is dragged down into the burrow.

#3 The scary African spider takes out its target in a flash.

Adrea van Veggel of Nashville, TN, filmed the video which has been watched on Facebook more than 5 million times.


#4 The slowed down footage shows the spider snatching the cricket.

This video has gone viral after a man was left with blood poisoning due to being bit by a spider while walking barefoot in Skegness, Lincs.

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