If You're Not Afraid Of Spiders You Will Be After Watching This.

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 18th July 2017

A poor unsuspecting cricket becomes dinner in a flash in this viral video that has been terrifying millions of people online.


#1 This unsuspecting cricket gets a little too close to the spider’s hidden trap.

The slow-motion video shows an African red trapdoor spider leaping out of it's hidden hole in the ground for a quick snack.

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#2 The spider suddenly lunges from its hiding place.

The cricket is held by the spider's forelegs while it is dragged down into the burrow.


#3 The scary African spider takes out its target in a flash.

Adrea van Veggel of Nashville, TN, filmed the video which has been watched on Facebook more than 5 million times.


#4 The slowed down footage shows the spider snatching the cricket.

This video has gone viral after a man was left with blood poisoning due to being bit by a spider while walking barefoot in Skegness, Lincs.

#5 The cricket is then dragged into the burrow to be devoured.

Meanwhile, back in May, a humongous huntsman spider that was the size of a brick was found hanging on the side of a man's house in Kent, UK.

#6 These fearsome predators have razor sharp fangs but are no threat to people.

Trapdoor spider is the name given to around 120 species of spiders found in warm climates in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Unlike most other spiders they do not make webs. Instead, they dig a tube-shaped burrow up to a foot into the ground and line the walls with silk.

#7 The purpose of the "trap door."

The burrow is covered by a camouflaged lid made of packed soil, plants, and silk, with a hinge on one side also made of silk. To hunt they hold the trap-door open with their claws, sensing vibrations to feel when prey comes close. Then they burst out of the hole, drag the victim back inside and slam the lid shut. The stocky, fast-moving nocturnal predators have eight eyes, strong jaws and a large pair of fangs covered in razor-like barbs.

#8 Typical prey

Their prey is mostly insects but some species build their burrows next to streams and hunt small fish as they swim past. Trapdoor spiders can live for up to 20 years, burrowing out a bigger nest as they grow. But don’t worry – although they look terrifying, they are only about an inch long and their venom is not dangerous to humans.


#9 Check out the amazing video.