If You See Someone With A Red String Tattoo, This Is What It Means

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Facts and DIY On 4th March 2017

Tattoo trends come and go, but this one is a recent popular request for tattoo artists. The meaning of the red string tattoo can be different for each person who wears it. Part of the appeal of the red string tattoo is that it is small. It has a symbolic meaning that is not immediately apparent to anyone who sees it.



The red string of fate, as it is called in Asian culture, can be on any finger, but most commonly it will appear on the thumb of a man and the pinky finger of a woman. Usually, the string is drawn by the tattoo artist to have a simple bow with tails, just like you would tie your shoelaces.



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#3 The Legend of the red string fate

The legend of the red string of fate is what is leading many people to get this tattoo. The tale has a happy meaning that appeals to hopeful romantics. The story comes from a Chinese tale of a matchmaker who knows the person that each of us is fated to be with.


A matchmaker is an old man who carries around a book that has a record of all of the soulmates who will eventually meet each other. The old matchmaker also carries a large bag full of small pieces of red string.



One day a young boy saw the old matchmaker leaning against a fence in the light of the full moon. The matchmaker was standing beside his bag and reading from the book.

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