If You Want To Feel Worse About Your Job, Grimes Just Earned $5.8 Million In 20 Minutes

By Annie N. in Science and Technology On 9th March 2021

Grimes, partner to Elon Musk is already worth more than millions in any sense of the word.


It looks like, however, Elon Musk isn’t the only one raking in the big bucks in the household.

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What made the artwork so valuable was the fact that they were all embedded with an NFT or Non-Fungible Token. This NFT serves as the authentication certificate for the work and contains a digital signature that has been encrypted.

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The NFT uses the same technology as Bitcoin to make it one of a kind.


The 10-piece collection is called WarNymph and contains pieces that are one of a kind. Others however may have up to 100 copies only.


Grimes had worked on the pieces with her brother Mac Boucher. One piece which showed the planet Mars with a baby guardian sold for $300,000 but has since been relisted at $2.5m.


It is speculated that the baby represents her child with Elon Musk and is referred to as the Goddess of Neo Genesis in the artwork named Newborn2


A description of the artwork reads that the baby represents ‘a state of infinite infancy where she sheds her old skin of corruption,’ and ‘battles the destructive force of obsolete ideas and systematic decay that threatens the future’.


‘She exists in the liminal state of the virtual world, a Grimes narrative universe, within an alternate history of mythology and the infinite fragments of the future. She is a pioneer in the rapidly expanding metaverse.’


Grimes will be donating part of the proceeds to Carbon180 which aims to help reduce carbon emissions globally.

While the NFT technology used by Grimes may seem revolutionary, it has been around since 2012.