If You’ve Wondered Where Your Bad Dreams Come From, The Museum Of Death Has All Your Answers

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 30th January 2017

Check out the real horrors inside this strange museum that has been dubbed "The Museum of Death"



In Bangkok, Thailand, there is the most unusual museum. Its name seems pleasant enough: The Siriraj Medical Museum.



But people who've visited the museum have dubbed it "The Museum of Death." To many people, it's a display of horrors.



The displays in the museum ostensibly are educational. Arguably, the displays are more sensational than anything else.


The museum's mission is to educate the public on various causes of death. If visitors aren't educated, then they most assuredly are horrified.



Burn victims have their very own wing. Here is a display.


There is also a wing of the museum devoted to implements of torture. (Rest assured, those heads aren't real.)



Here's a quick video tour of the museum.

If you're ever in Bangkok, you may or may not want to pay a visit.