Imposter Does Catwalk In Trashbag At New York Fashion Week And No One Notices Until Security Intervenes

By Haider Ali in Bizarre On 14th September 2023

Even though New York Fashion Week is already well underway, one outfit, in particular, has received widespread attention—perhaps not for the best reasons.

Credit: Instagram/@daquan

Models were walking up and down the open catwalk, which was being sponsored by social media agency Creators Inc. One person then walked down the New York runway while covered from head to toe in a plastic cape-like garment, swimming shorts, and a shower cap.

It appeared to be either a trash bag or one of those plastic that is disposable ponchos that are occasionally distributed at outdoor concerts when it rains. In either case, it undoubtedly had an impact.

The individual received as much cheering and ovation as any other model walking down the runway.

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But things were not as they looked.

The model may be seen being pursued by a security guard as he approaches the runway's finish. 

Credit: Instagram/@daquan

The audience is confused as the security guy drags him off the runway after grabbing hold of him at the end of the catwalk.

It appears that the ' model' was an intruder rather than making a fashion statement.

After the video was posted to social media, many people left their opinions in the comments, with one individual joking: "That is not garbage but garbagé."

Another said: "I swear these runway outfits get trashier each year."

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Beyer has 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube account, where he publishes a variety of prank movies that are comparable to this ruse. He did not yet confirm that it was him, but he did post a screenshot from the video on his Instagram Story.

However, it is still unknown how the trespasser got inside the fashion event.

It has happened before that someone imitated a work of art or a piece of design to start a conversation.

Kevin Nguyen and TJ Khayatan, two teens, shocked the art world in 2016 by placing a pair of spectacles on the floor of an art gallery, leading viewers to believe it was one of the works on display.

From these examples, it would be simple to go on a tirade about the stupidity and banality of contemporary art and fashion.

There is no disputing that they are entertaining, yet there is also something more thoughtful here.

We can wish to feel as though a piece of design or art has taken a lot of time to create because, in a society that idolizes a protestant work ethic, hard labor is a virtue in and of itself whether or not it is 'useful'. Not the item of art or fashion itself, nor the assertion it makes, but the work or process that went into creating it is what qualifies it as "good."

This perception is contested when someone walks into a fashion show wearing a real trash bag or when someone drops some glasses on the ground.

In an ironic turn of events, the pranksters who join the worlds of art and fashion to poke fun at them frequently wind up contributing to the conversation they are mocking.