In A Hilarious Viral Video Mom Reveals, On Her Way To School She Forgot Her Children At Home

Posted by Sama in Funny On 11th March 2020

With school going kids at home, morning routine can never be easy. Due to such a hectic routine, we all have done blunders, right? Sometimes we mix up kids' lunch boxes and other times their homework copies. But have you ever taken them to school and at the same time forgotten your kids at home? Well, here is a mom who is going viral on Twitter for driving her kids to school with one small blunder. That is she drove an empty car and actually forgot her kids at home. Read her story and get yourself a good laugh here.


#1 Being a parent, morning routines can never be easy

If you are a parent, you would know that with kids morning routine can never be easy at home. You wake up and the running starts. Either you are running to wake kids up or in a hurry to get them dressed up on time or drop them off at school.

Recently a video on social media has become viral for a very funny reason. A mom posted a video of laughing through tears and showing with her camera that she was half-asleep and drove her empty car to school with her kids left confused at home.

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#2 "I have to go back and pick them up"

'The kids are not in the car,' she says in the viral clip. 'I'm driving to school without my kids! 'I am taking the kids to school and I don't even have them in the car. I have to go back and pick them up.'


#3 Mom couldn't believe herself that she left her kids at home

'I can't believe it,' she continues. 'I left my home.'

Not believing at her own doing, the mom kept on pointing her camera on the empty backseats and continued to laugh so at the hilarious situation.

'Oh my God, I'm such an idiot,' she bellows, still laughing. 'I was half asleep this morning. Where are my kids? I have to go back.'

Twitter user @torrespriss posted the video on Sunday, writing, 'She rlly drove her kids to school but her kids weren’t in the car i can’t stop laughing.'


#4 The video has become viral over social media

The clip has become viral on social media and has been shared by hundreds of users overnight.

#5 Internet reacted hilariously to the video

'When that stress level on 50000000000000000% lol' one person wrote.

'She said hmm you guys are pretty quiet this morning,' another joked.

'She needs a vacation away from that routine. God bless Moms,' one person tweeted, while someone else commented: 'Aww she needs a nap lol.'