Inappropriate Pictures Taken At The Wrong Time

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 29th September 2015

#1 Falling from a plane should show more reaction don’t you think?

#2 Taking a selfie while sliding down the snowy hill is very risky right?

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#4 How can you take a selfie when there’s a plane emergency?

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#5 Or take one after the plane crashed down with you as survivor?

#6 Smiling in a photo with a tragic accident is not nice at all.

#7 It should be safety first before selfie you idiot!

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#8 Look Pop! You’re too old for photo ops! Get away from there!

#9 Taking a picture of your middle finger with your teacher in the background is disastrous.

#10 Doctors who take selfies when there is an on-going operation should be kicked out of the hospital.

#11 It’s not very romantic to get a couple’s picture in a nudist beach.

#12 A cat cynical of happy ending photobombed this newly weds.

#13 Show respect on your mother dude! Not drenched her shirt with your beer!

#14 This guy believed that he’s taking the greatest pictures of is life while his on fire.

#15 This officer will not be happy of you taking this picture huh!

#16 These screaming guys might have seen a rat while having pics!