Influencers Caught In Controversial Acts For The Perfect Shot

By Johny in Fails On 13th June 2023

Courtesy of Influencers in the Wild on Instagram, we present to you a collection of photos showcasing some of the most audacious content creators. Prepare to be astonished and amused as you witness these individuals go to extraordinary lengths for their craft. Feel free to express your opinions by upvoting the images you believe could grace the pages of National Geographic!

#1 Ocean

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#2 And The Crowd Goes Wild

#3 Find You Someone Who Treats You The Way This Girl Is Treating This Rock

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#4 How Was The Vacation? It Was Great, We Went To The Beach.

#5 She's just enjoying

#6 I Don't Think This Went As Planned

#7 I Don't Know What's Happening Here, But I Love It

#8 There's Stupid. And Then There's Stupid

#9 No Regrets

#10 Worth the wait.

#11 Okay This Is Actually Very Impressive

#12 Oh No Baby What Is You Doing?

#13 The Mountain Ranger Had To Go Over And Ask Her To Stop Because There Were Kids Around Because It's A Public Mountain

#14 This Could Not Have Gone Any Better

#15 How Do You Say "No" In Italian?

#16 Don't Mind Us

#17 How Inconsiderate Do You Have To Be To Pull Over On The Brooklyn Bridge And Take A Picture, Causing A Traffic Jam?

#18 Cold Plunge Time

#19 Ma'am This Is A Wendy's

#20 What More Can I Say

#21 I Can't Say I Wouldn't Do The Same Thing

#22 Be Careful Out There Y'all. Know Your Surroundings, Respect Your Surroundings

#23 Self-Discovery Is So Important

#24 Weather? What's the Weather?