Is Stannis Baratheon Alives? Mr. Martin Answers!

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 3rd September 2015

Stannis alive?

Good news for the viewers of game of thrones. After the bloody finale of season 5 many were left confused as the camera cuts into another scene as soon as the avenging sword comes down. The ambiguous ending left many confused as they saw the utter destruction of the kings troops by Baltons forces and Melisandre's loss of faith, but we never see the claimant king die. Even with the momentum of Brienne's swordcrashing his head, fans saw hope. Perhaps Brienne reconsidered or perhaps the king dodged. Despite the odds maybe Stannis was still alive.


Stannis's death has been a healthy debate since the end of the season, finally the matter can be put to rest thanks to the author himself. George R.R Martin spawned a great deal of buzz when he answered his fans questions on his live-journal blog. To one of the comments "alright [sic] Mr. Martin, let's cut the crap," read the rather brazen comment, "is Stannis alive or dead" The sentence was left without an ending punctuation mark, as if symbolizing the unsatisfying ending of Stannis' story on the show. Martin actually showed up in the comment section to reply, stating, "In my books? Alive, beyond a doubt."

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There you go! Author himself says he's alive!

There! You've heard it from the author himself. Stannis is alive in the books, at least, even if he's not doing so well on the show. A lot of news sites have taken Martin's words at face value, but one should be cautious of reading too much between the lines. Before you get your hopes too high, it is important to remember that Martin is famously cagey with his answers. The author could mean in his published books, Stannis is alive, which is undeniable. It is certainly true that Stannis will still be alive at the beginning of Martin's next installment, Winds of Winter (a fact we know from the author's released sample chapters), but whether Stannis is still alive at the end of the bookor even the middle is another question.

The good news is that, at least for now, Stannis is still safe from the clutches of deathif only in Martin's series. This still doesn't settle the matter of whether the character actually died on the show, but it does soften the blow somewhat, if we learn this spring that Stannis has truly met his death.

So! What do you think of Martin's response? Do you think Stannis is alive or dead in the show? Comment below!