Is Your Partner Cheating On You? These 12 Signs Will Tell You The Truth.

By Muk Khatri in Life Style On 18th September 2015

#1 They frequently start fights.

Do you fight frequently these days and sometimes even over petty things? If yes, there is a big chance that your partner is finding an avenue to release his/her guilt by bickering with you.

#2 Your quality time together has lessened because your partner spends more time on the phone.

Pay more attention by noticing the little changes in habits. If your partner spends more time on the phone now than physically living in the moment with you, take this clue as a possible cheating sign.

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#3 They talk negatively about another person.

Be mindful of the words they use when they talk about another person. If they keep on saying negative things about someone, it may be that they are trying to reverse your thought on the possibility of thinking that they are cheating on you with that other person.

#4 If they are avoiding to make eye contact, that is because they are hiding something.

Eyes are the window to the soul. If your partner looks away when you try to look them in the eyes, that's because they are afraid you might see through their lies.

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#5 You feel like you are growing apart.

People who cheat often make changes that gradually affect the relationship. They build walls and distance themselves from their partners. Suddenly, your partner in crime becomes a person who is always missing in action.

#6 They become overly secretive.

People who have nothing to hide don't mind leaving their phones unattended. Cheaters, on the other hand, hastily get angry at the sight of you nearly touching their phones. Even worse, this could be a start of a grueling fight.

#7 They are always out of sight, attending events, meetings and other occasions you never know existed.

Do you know where they go the moment they step out of your door? Are they suddenly telling you of events and meetings that never existed before? Be wary and never ignore what your instinct tells you.

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#8 They shower you with gifts and are even nicer for no special reasons.

Sometimes, the moods will turn and they will become extra sweet, thoughtful and caring for no special reasons at all. Cheaters often do these things to cover or minimize the guilt they are feeling inside.

#9 They smell great but it’s definitely not the scent you regularly smell on them.

If they smell differently whenever they get home from work, it could be that someone's scent is lingering on them so better get your heightened senses ready.

#10 They don’t find you sexually attractive anymore.

Your sexual life diminishes because they have found someone else who can satisfy their physical needs. When this happens, your relationship becomes even shakier and is almost on the brink of falling apart.

#11 They dress nicely all the time and are more conscious about how they look.

All of a sudden, they ditch their ordinary clothing to make space for the elegant ones. If you see them become more conscious about how they look and dress, they could be dressing up to impress someone else.

#12 Their routine changes constantly.

If they religiously follow their daily routine but are now changing their schedules constantly, something might be happening behind your back and it's time you keep an eye on them.