It Is Really Incredible How Deep The People Of Tumblr Can Get

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 31st July 2018

In case you have not noticed, the internet is full of interesting characters. It seems to be a trend to post philosophical quotes, but what happens when someone posts something that really makes you think? Are you in awe of the capacity that their brain has to come up with such things? One place that is notorious for deep thinking is Tumblr...go figure. Here are some really deep posts that will definitely make you think on a whole new level.

The Book Of Life

Would you be able to read a book that is about your entire life to the end? It would really suck to realize that you read up to the present and there are just a few pages left.


Psychic Paper

Now, this is food for thought. What a cool world we would live in if this was only true. We would feel really bad for the people who have no imagination. What a sad existence that would be.

Soda Cans

Would the same thing go for sodas in bottles too? It would make more sense that when you are twisting off the cap that you are breaking their necks. Don't you think so too?


Names are weird

Did anyone else have a hard time getting used to the name that they gave their baby? It seems that too many people are quick to pick a name for their kid instead of getting to know the kid better and finding a name that truly fits them. What do you think?

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