It’s About Time That We Admit That Mole Is Actually Freaking Terrible

Posted by Michael Avery in Food On 18th October 2016

#1 Mole is one of the few ways to ruin otherwise delicious Mexican food.


#2 First off, mole lovers love to say that it tastes like chocolate, AND THAT’S A DAMN LIE.


#3 You take a bite expecting chocolatey goodness but get the taste of burned rubber instead.

#4 That thick mess will drown your taste buds in nastiness.


#5 And the horrible taste lingers in your mouth, so you’re forced to suffer even longer after choking down the worst bite of your life.

#6 Good luck finding other food on your plate to wash out the taste, BECAUSE THE DAMN MOLE HAS INFILTRATED EVERY INCH OF YOUR MEAL.

#7 Mole lovers are determined to ruin EVERYTHING. Food is only the beginning.

#8 What did this poor cupcake ever do to deserve this torture?

#9 And why would anyone do this to perfectly harmless cheese fries.

#10 There is even a disgusting pie for those who want to outright murder their taste buds.

#11 Don’t even try to say it’s because you haven’t “had the right kind of mole.”

#12 Because honestly there is no "right kind of mole." This chicken doesn’t ever look remotely appealing enough to eat.

#13 Why would anyone willingly choose to eat what looks like a BP oil spill all over their food?

#14 The point is, mole needs to be fucking stopped.

#15 Mexican food is a gift from god. Why destroy it with a ridiculous chile-chocolate concoction?


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