Its So Amazing To See A Miracle Baby Who Was Born So Tiny Doctors Put Her In A Sandwich Bag

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 22nd October 2015

#1.Pixie Griffiths-Grant was delivered by emergency C-section at 28-weeks in Cornwall, England.

#2.The teeny-tiny baby weighed a mere 1.1 pounds, but began losing weight only minutes after coming into the world.

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#4."It was so random that they had her in the Tesco bag - it must have just been what the operating theatre had at the time” 37-year-old mother Sharon Grant told The Telegraph.

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#5.Pixie stopped growing at 20 weeks, so fragile once born that she couldn't be held by Grant for a full 18 days.

#6.Luckily, the miracle baby finally began to gain weight after two months.

#7.A month later she had grown to 7.5 pounds, at which point the happy new mom was allowed to take her home.

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