It’s Unbelievable But These Pictures Are Made by Ballpoint Pens

By Muk Khatri in Amazing On 29th September 2015

#1 Walter White

Some great artist has made this amazingly real looking portrait of Walter White from drama "Breaking Bad".

#2 Ninja Turtles

Honestly, I never been that much of a Ninja Turtles' fan but after watching this incredible picture I am starting to like them.

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#4 Red Hairs Girl

Every single detailing on this picture is perfect. Artist was really well informed about what should be depicted on this picture.

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#5 Celebrity Sketch

Picture of Miley Cyrus really showcases her true playful nature.

#6 Mighty White Owl

This white owl looks so real that it seems that it would just fly out of paper right now.

#7 The Hand

This hand indicates true genius of an artist.

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#8 Squidward Tentacles

The ill-tempered Squirdward Tentacles pissed off expression.

#9 Shadow on Face

The shadow of hairs on face is beautifully placed by artist in this picture.

#10 The Shining Twins

Grady Twins looked scary in movie and even more in this picture.

#11 Dr. House

Every details of Dr. House face has been beautifully depicted by artist.

#12 Voldemort and Harry Potter

This picture was taken from a movie scene from "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows".

#13 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow's ballpoint pen picture looks extremely real like it was taken from a camera.

#14 Spiderman

And don't forget the amazing Spiderman.

#15 Artwork on Napkin

Someone has made cover album of "Vampire Weekend" on a napkin of Starbuck

#16 Too Much Realistic

Now how can someone actually make this kind of picture? I am shocked!

#17 Each Depiction is Incredible

With each picture in this list, I am lost of words about how to express these incredible pictures.

#18 Together

Artist not only captured the expressions but also the feeling of this moment.

#19 Coffee Time

A picture always tells the truth.

#20 HD Cat

See the HD looks captured in this picture by an artist, it's completely mind blowing

#21 Red and Blue

Capturing two expressions of woman is what makes this picture a master piece.

#22 Out of This World

Every single thing about this picture is out of this world. I really don't know what to say about this picture.