Jackass Star Steve-O Has Been Sent To Jail

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 8th October 2015


Serial stuntman Steve-O has been sentenced to 30 days in prison following a protest he staged this summer against SeaWorld.


The 41-year-old, once known for doing things like wearing jellyfish sombreros

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. has turned all serious, and is now dedicating [some] of his time to animal rights protesting. After watching the controversial Blackfish documentary which gave an insight into the lives of captive Orca's at marine park giants SeaWorld Steve-O decided to cause a ‘splash' (sorry).

Taking an inflatable orca with the words "SeaWorld sucks written on it" he climbed 100ft up a crane in Hollywood and put on his very own fireworks display.


There were no "ooos" and "aahs" from LA's emergency services who issues five ambulances. a helicopter and more than 80 firefighters to the scene, leading Steve-O to be charged with creating a false emergency, vandalism and firework violations. Additionally, he will be placed on probation for three years and was fined £9,000.

Steve-O seems to be taking the whole thing on the chin, saying this on his Instagram:

"Considering I've become a clean and sober, dog-rescuing vegan, I must say I'm ready to go to jail not just because it will bring so much attention to the plight of orcas but because it's nice to let people know I haven't lost my edge. What can I say, I'm a jackass"

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You can watch the full thing here: