James Cameron's Adaptation of Battle Angel Alita Finally Has a Director

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 21st October 2015

#1. James Cameron has been working on a live-action adaptation for Battle Angel Alita for the past 15 years, and he has finally found a director.

Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Til Dawn and Machete) is negotiating to direct the movie, titled Alita: Battle Angel. James Cameron was originally going to direct it, but he has been busy working on the Avatar sequels.

Battle Angel Alita is a post-apocalyptic about a cyborg who lost her memories. Alita tries to discover her past and becomes a bounty hunter in the process, with the story revolving around the theme of what it means to be human.


Before you freak out about the Spy Kids guy directing Alita: Battle Angel, Cameron said, "This project is near and dear to me, and there's nobody I trust more than Robert, with his technical virtuosity and rebel style, to take over the directing reins."

Reportedly a big fan of the manga, Cameron has revealed that the movie would adapt four of the nine volumes. One of the reasons the production has taken so long is that Cameron wanted CGI technology to be advanced enough to do the series justice.

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#3. Rodriquez is known for blending over-the-top action with comedy, but Predators has shown that he can use a restrained, but still violent style.

Robert Rodriguez seems happy with his opportunity to team up with Cameron, "Getting to work from Jim's terrific and visionary script while learning the cutting edge techniques he's pioneered is a master class in filmmaking. It's an honor to explore the world of Alita along with Jim and Jon, whose films have impacted me for decades."

The script is reportedly being handled by Laeta Kalogridis, whom wrote the screenplay for Shutter Island.

#4. The OVA got a ho-hum reaction from Japanese fans, but it did usher in a new wave of anime in the U.S., UK, and Australia.

Battle Angel Alita was adapted into a two episode OVA in 1993

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