Jeans Hacks Everyone Should Know

Posted by Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY

No matter how old you grow, you still like to wear jeans. Here are some jeans hacks and tricks that every single individual needs to know.


#1 Stuck Gum

Chewing gum stuck on your jeans is one of the most irritating issues one can have. But don't worry, just take an ice cube and rub affected area. This process will make the gum easier to remove.

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#2 Old Boring Jeans

Make your old boring jeans into new ones. Take a scissor, cut the jeans and grate it with a grater to give them an adorable new look.


#3 Stuck Zipper

There is a very simple household solution for a stuck zipper. Just apply lip balm on the zipper and problem solved.


#4 Oil Stain

Remove grease stains with baby powder. Sprinkle powder on stain area and rub it with a toothbrush. Now wash it off and get rid of the oil stain easily.

#5 Fit Jeans

Not able to button your jeans? Don't worry, here is a solution. Take a hair tie and loop it around your button. That's it!

#6 How To Get Perfect Size

Wrap the jeans around your neck to measure perfect jeans size. Neck size is related to waist size. Just put jeans around your neck with the side seams coming together in the front. If it's equal and perfectly fitted on neckline then it's your waist perfect size. You must try this hack while buying jeans for you.

#7 Check out original video for more hacks