Jet Li Addresses To Rumors After A Viral Photo Sparks Concern Among Fans Over Actor's Health

Posted by Sama in Entertainment

A few days back a picture of famed martial arts star and actor Jet Li became viral on social media. The picture recognized of a man looking 'frail and unrecognizable' raised concern and worry among the fans worldwide and it was reported by media that the 55-year old actor's fans started 'praying for his health' after the alleged picture became viral on social media.


#1 Jet Li, Remembered By His Fans For His Youthful Looks And Acrobatic Movements

We all have grown up seeing martial arts movies of Chinese super actor Jet Li whose acrobatic moves and youthful looks have always kept us mesmerized. Recently a picture of the superstar was shared on the social media in which the famed martial artist looked 'frail and almost unrecognizable.'


#2 "Is This The Same Jet Li We All Know?"

Raising concern among the fans globally, the picture circulating on the social media was captioned "Is this the same Jet Li we all know?" The picture raised alarming questions over 55-year old actor's health and social media was bombarded with messages of worry and sadness from fans all over the world.


#3 For Years Li Has Been Fighting Hyperthyroidism

Soon after the picture was released on social media it was reported that Li for the past few years has been fighting hyperthyroidism, a disease which can cause fatigue and weight loss in a person and has ignited rumors regarding Li's health in the past too.

Soon Li's manager Steven Chasman refuted all the rumors and released a statment, "He has hyperthyroidism that he’s been dealing with for almost 10 years. It’s nothing life-threatening and he’s dealing with it."


#4 Li Posted A Message For His Fans On Social Media

After the post became viral, Jet Li interfered himself and on Wednesday on his official social media account posted a message for his fans where the martial arts actor assured his fans that he is doing completely fine, "I'm doing great and feeling great!"

It was later speculated by fans the bad angle of the picture made look Li older because of the lighting. While Li's manager Chasman claimed that it was just a bad photo of someone who is 55-years old.

#5 Jet Li Ruled Over The Box Office For Years With His Martial Arts Moves And Was Once Considered As The King Of The Industry

Considered as the master of martial arts, the Chinese actor, Jet Li ruled the box office globally with his electrifying performance for several decades. His most popular films include "Kiss of the Dragon" and "Hero." Li most recently appeared in "The Expendables" franchise, but he’s slowed down his acting career because of the illness and his time leading the One Foundation charity. The actor is returning to the screen with a small supporting role as The Emperor in Disney’s live-action "Mulan."