Jimmy Fallon Asked Social Media Users To Ruin Movies Using One Word, Gets Hilarious Responses In Return

Posted by Sama in Entertainment On 9th February 2020

Jimmy Fallon recently posted a new challenge on social media.The comedian asked Twitter to ruin their favourite movies by making a single word change in them. An idea yet simple but with thousands of possibilities. The trend became a hit overnight and the Internet came up with the most funny and entertaining suggestions. We have picked out some of the best for you. Go through this fun-filled post and don't forget to tell us in the comments which one do you think is the best?



Jimmy Fallon is our guy when it comes to effortless comedy. The man can make hilarious jokes out of the simplest of things and make hashtags that can go viral over social media overnight. Keeping up with this trend, Fallon recently took to Twitter and asked the users to ruin a movie with one word.

As expected, the Internet didn't disappoint and came up with some of the most dead-ass funny suggestions to ruin their favorite movies. Now, take a seat and enjoy as we have collected some of the best picks for you.

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#2 Forrest Trump


#3 Vibrating Toy Story


#4 Finding Nemo's Body

#5 Love Actually Sucks

#6 Paws

#7 Orange Is The New President

#8 Frozen 2 Death


#9 Pillow Fight Club

#10 Free My Willy

#11 Batman Begins Therapy

#12 How To Potty Train Your Dragon


#13 Tax Return of the Jedi

#14 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Kidney Stone

#15 The Lord of the Onion Rings

#16 Iron Deficient Man


#17 Schindler's Grocery List

#18 Fifty Shades of Grey Hair

#19 It's A Wonderful Life Sentence

#20 Guardians of the Samsung Galaxy


#21 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction

#22 Up

#23 Good Will Bargain Hunting

#24 The Awkward Silence of the Lambs


#25 Dirty Square Dancing

#26 Rosemary's Baby Daddy

#27 Hilary, You've Got Mail

#28 Spider-Man: Far from Home Depot


#29 Shaving Private Ryan

#30 Beetlejuice Cleanse

#31 The Social Anxiety Network