Jobs In Which Humans Are Most Likely To Be Replaced By Robots

Posted by Abdullah Sohrab Khan in Science and Technology On 17th August 2017

Technology is moving at a very fast pace and it very likely that there will be plenty of jobs out there which will be automated and human input will not be needed. We have a look at some of the jobs that are most likely to be automated.

#1 Sports Referees

With the introduction of video technology into sports, there has slowly started being less controversy regarding refereeing decisions. Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, American Football and Football are already using video technology to assist referees in decision making so it is only a matter of time that referees are completely replaced by automated systems to make refereeing calls.


#2 Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of those processes that is being automated at an unprecedented rate. Whether it is the manufacturing of cars or cellphones, machines have started taking over the minute details even as robots are so much better and faster at these than humans.In the US, 88% of the 5 million jobs lost in manufacturing sector since 2000 have been lost to jobs, not foreigners.

#3 Bank Tellers

Nowadays nobody wishes to go through the hassle of going to banks and dealing through the staff, most of the people do their banking online. Machines are even better at telling if it is a safe bet to give a certain customer loan or not by taking a look at their credit history.


#4 Fast Food

Most of us have not had a look inside the kitchens of most of the fast food chains, you would be surprised to see how much of the cooking process is automated. Majority of the humans work at positions which come to dealing with customers as we still like having a human to talk to instead of a robot. Though soon we will realize that ordering through machines will be a lot easier. Then we would hardly see any humans behind the counter either, you just order and pay through machines and you get your food and to be honest that is all we care about.

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