Jobs In Which Humans Are Most Likely To Be Replaced By Robots

Posted by Abdullah Sohrab Khan in Science and Technology On 17th August 2017

#5 Construction Workers

Similarly to the automation of the manufacturing process we are seeing that machines are being created to create structures such as wall and they can create a wall 8 times faster than a human can so it should not come as a surprise that in the near future you will see machines creating huge building in a matter of days.


#6 Financial Analysts

These are people who look at the numbers in the stick market and invest money or give suggestions on which stock to bet on. Recently though machines can use machine learning to have a look in detail at decades old data and learn the patterns of stock prices and give better suggestion about which stock to invest in that any human possibly could.

#7 Farmers

This may come as a surprise to you as you think this probably needs a lot of human input, but recently a lot of machinery has been developed that takes most of the manual labor away from human and carry out most of the farming process with relative easy and quickly. Though some things like picking of fruits will still need human input for some time but there are no guarantees that their job will be safe either in the long run.


#8 Telesales

This is one of the most high risk job as it is said that there is a 99% chance of this job being automated. Companies have already shifted to the use of machines to record messages and reach unprecedented number of customers which was previously not possible with humans. We have all received promotional calls from advertisers with a recorded message. So people who are currently in this job, should start enhancing other skills.

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