Jordan Graham, The Newlywed Bride Who Pushed Her Husband Off A Cliff

By maks in Crime On 16th May 2024

She confided in a friend via text, saying she "totally had a meltdown."

Jordan had always envisioned her ideal wedding, but she secretly wished it didn't include her husband.

To the outside world, Jordan and Cody's relationship seemed idyllic.

However, after their wedding on June 29, 2013, friends noticed that Jordan seemed increasingly troubled.

Why the sudden anxiety? A source close to Jordan revealed that she was scared of having sex with Cody.

One evening, merely eight days post-wedding, the couple went for a hike along a cliff in Glacier National Park, a location not far from Jordan’s hometown of Kalispell, Montana.

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Jordan came back from the hike alone. When Cody was reported missing the following day, she initially claimed he had been out with friends.

Eventually, under mounting evidence and police pressure, Jordan confessed to the authorities that she had pushed Cody off a cliff, leading to his death below.

Jordan Graham and Her Relationship with Cody Johnson:

Jordan Linn Graham, born in August 1991, grew up in Kalispell, Montana. 

This small town, nestled close to Glacier National Park, is one of the most picturesque regions in the United States.

Jordan was deeply religious throughout her life, participating regularly in activities at the Faith Baptist Church.

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The church played a significant role in her life. She often shared with her friends her dreams of marriage and family.

According to NBC Montana, Jordan once said: "I want to meet a nice guy, get married. I want to have kids and I want to be a stay-at-home mom. And just have my family."

She shared these aspirations with Cody Johnson, a vibrant 25-year-old car enthusiast from California. They met on Halloween in 2011.

A friend of Jordan's told NBC Montana: "For the longest time, Cody just always talked about how he wanted to have a good church girl. Instantly that just summed up Jordan."

Cody soon became a part of Jordan's church community, quickly befriending many of her acquaintances.

Friends remarked that Cody seemed utterly enchanted by her, and their relationship officially started before the year ended.

Their relationship progressed swiftly, and by December 2012, Jordan announced their engagement on Instagram. They started planning their wedding soon after.

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Jordan Graham and Cody Johnson Get Married:

The couple aimed to make their wedding memorable and hired songwriter Elizabeth Shea to create a unique song for the occasion.

During her meetings with the couple, Shea told CNN: "She was excited when she talked about the wedding.

"When she talked about surprising Cody, she would light up, and that seemed very genuine to me."

Drawing from her discussions with them, Shea wrote a song for their wedding with foreboding lyrics:

"Everyone wants a safe place to fall, and you’re mine…You helped me to climb higher for a better view. You’re my safe place to fall. You never let me go."

On June 29, 2013, when they wed, friends noted that Jordan seemed somewhat distracted.

To those who knew them, it appeared that Cody was more invested in the relationship than Jordan was.

Her defense lawyers later stated that witnesses observed Jordan "cried too much walking down the aisle and appeared to not want to be there."

According to a statement from the United States Attorney’s Office, Jordan texted her friends the day after her wedding, revealing she had "totally had a meltdown" and was rethinking her marriage; she wondered "what the heck I just did this all for."

Those close to the couple dismissed these worries, believing Jordan was just a typical nervous bride adjusting to married life. 

They hoped she would settle in soon.

However, normalcy never came. Cody disappeared without a trace just eight days after their wedding.

Cody Johnson Goes Missing:

On July 8, 2013, Cody's friend and boss, Cameron Frederickson, reported him missing after he didn't show up for work.

Cameron went to the couple's home to find Cody but discovered it was empty.

Suspicion arose immediately when it was noted that Jordan hadn't reported Cody missing herself, prompting the police to question her.

Jordan claimed she was unaware of Cody's whereabouts, mentioning that he had texted her the previous night about going out with friends.

On July 10, Jordan informed the police that she had received a suspicious email from a sender named "carmantony607" stating Cody’s death:

"My name is Tony. There is no bother looking for Cody anymore. He is gone. I saw your post on Twitter and thought I would email you. He had come with some buddies and met up with me on Sunday night in Columbia Falls. He was saying he needed to be with his buddies for a bit and take them for a joy ride. 3 of the guys came back saying that they had gone for a ride in the woods somewhere and Cody got out of the car and went for a little hike and they are positive he fell and he is dead Jordan. I don’t know who the guys were, but they took off. So call off the missing persons report. Cody is gone for sure. -Tony."

Based on this email, the police began searching the area of Glacier National Park.

Jordan joined the search, yet witnesses observed her being indifferent and detached throughout.

While driving through the park, Jordan stopped at a secluded road leading up to a mountain overlook known as "The Loop," a perilous 200-foot cliff over a ravine described by park spokesperson Denise Germann as "Very steep area, very treacherous. Full of rocks."

Ignoring the dangerous terrain, Jordan climbed over the jagged rocks to get a better view of the ravine. She then shouted that she had found a body, later confirmed by the police to be Cody.

Jordan Graham Admits The Truth About Her Husband’s Disappearance:

On July 16, following tips from park rangers suspicious about her discovery, investigators interviewed Jordan again.

They delved into the email from "Tony," eventually tracing it back to a computer in her parents' home.

The suspicion around Jordan intensified after a friend revealed chilling text messages from the night before Cody’s disappearance.

According to ABC News, the friend shared that Jordan had texted her stating:

"Oh well, I’m going to talk to him. But dead serious if u don’t hear from me at all again tonight, something happened."

Faced with the overwhelming evidence, Jordan finally confessed to pushing Cody off the cliff.

"I just pushed… I wasn’t thinking about where we were," she explained during the police interrogation.

Jordan expressed her unhappiness post-wedding, citing her conservative religious background as a factor in her fear of intimacy with Cody.

On the night of Cody’s death, the couple had argued near the ravine at "The Loop."

When Cody grabbed her arm, Jordan pushed him away with both hands, causing him to fall to his death.

Following her confession, Jordan was arrested and later accepted a plea deal for second-degree murder in return for complete transparency about the incident.

She was sentenced to 30 years in prison with a five-year observation period following her release.

In 2015, her lawyers appealed the sentence as excessive, but the appeal was denied, and she remains incarcerated in Alabama.

The revelation of Cody’s death devastated their family and friends.

"I never ever expected her to be capable of hurting someone," one of Jordan’s friends said.

"Especially someone who adored her. He would have done anything for her at the drop of a hat."