Justin Baldoni Shares A Picture Of His Daughter Maiya Having A Public Meltdown, Gives A Heartwarming Message To All The Parents Out There

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 22nd February 2018

Baldoni gave a very important message through his post to all the young parents struggling to keep up with their kids' unpredictable mood swings. Posting a picture of his daughter throwing a tantrum in the middle of the shopping mall, Baldoni posted a picture of him standing over his daughter's head along with his dad, calmly observing his daughter. Baldoni politely pointed out to the parents the kids at this tender age are going through a lot of emotions, they are questioning a lot of things around their surroundings, so throwing a tantrum is their way of showing their raw emotions. Parents should learn to be a bit more patient with their kids and give them more space in this matter.

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