Justin Bieber Makes Some Very Stupid Claims About Science & Religion

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 3rd October 2015


The Beebs decided to tackle some big scientific issues in a recent interview with Complex.

He told Complex:

"I'm the type of dude who always wants to figure it out. Science makes a lot of sense.Then I start thinking wait, the ‘big bang'. For a ‘big bang' to create all this is more wild to think about than thinking about there being a God. Imagine putting a bunch of gold into a box, shaking up the box, and out comes a Rolex. It's so preposterous once people start saying it."


According to the interview Bieber is reinventing himself, he's finally reached his third incarnation: Child of God. Jesus is his salvation, and he isn't afraid to tell the world.

He doesn't want to come seem weird though:

"I think that people, as soon as they start hearing me saying I'm a Christian, they're like, ‘Whoa, Justin, back up, take a step back.' Also, I do not want to shove this down anyone's throat. I just wanna honestly live like Jesus. Not be Jesus I could never I don't want that to come across weird."

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