Kansas City Chiefs Fans 'Froze To Death' Outside Home Of Friend Who Slept For 2 Days And Had No Idea They Were There

By maks in News On 24th January 2024

The Kansas City Police Department is looking into the incident and has stated that there is no suspicion of foul play involved in the deaths of Ricky Johnson, 38, Clayton McGeeney, 36, and David Harrington, 37, as reported by Fox News.

David Harrington, left, Clayton McGeeney, second from right, and Ricky Johnson, right, were found dead in their friend’s backyard two days after they came over to watch football. Credit: Ricky Johnson / Facebook

The three friends had gathered at this house to watch the Chiefs play against the Los Angeles Chargers on January 7. 

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Their bodies were found two days later, on January 9 at 9:51PM, following a welfare check requested by one of the men's fiancées. 

One body was found on the back porch, and the other two in the backyard, after being exposed to severe cold.

Kansas City Chiefs fan and HIV scientist Jordan Willis hosted a party on Jan. 7 that ended with his friends dead outside his rental house, according to his lawyer. Credit: GitHub

Captain Jake Becchina of the Kansas City Police Department made it clear that "this case is 100 percent NOT being investigated as a homicide" and noted that no arrests or charges have been made, and nobody is in custody. 

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He added: "There have not been any arrests [or] charges, and no one is in custody.

The resident at the house was cooperative with detectives the day the deceased were discovered."

Clayton McGeeney died under mysterious circumstances outside his friend’s house on Jan. 7. Credit: Clayton McGeeney / Facebook

While it remains unclear whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the men's deaths, toxicology reports are expected to be available in the coming weeks, according to Captain Becchina.


The homeowner has cooperated fully with the detectives.

Neighbor Suzanne Reichart expressed her disbelief, saying she heard nothing and was deeply disturbed by the incident.

"It's very scary because I heard nothing. I'm home most of the time, but I didn't hear anything. It's kind of disturbing. It makes you wonder what's going on."

David Harrington was also found dead in the frigid temperatures. Credit: David Harrington / Facebook

Family and friends of the deceased are seeking answers on social media, with some questioning the actions of the homeowner. 

Despite claims that messages were sent to him before the police got involved, he remains unnamed as no criminal charges have been filed.

Ricky Johnson had also apparently succumbed to the cold. Credit: Ricky Johnson / Facebook

John Picerno, the attorney representing the homeowner, stated that his client was unaware of his friends' plight. 


Picerno stated: "He had no knowledge that they remained in his backyard or that they needed medical attention."

He explained that the homeowner didn't hear people who came to the house looking for the men, as he was sleeping with headphones and a loud fan. 

Friends of the victims claimed on social media that Willis was partially responsible for the deaths of his friends. Credit: IAVI.org

He also didn't see a Facebook message from one of the men's wives until after the police were involved. 

Even though two friends' cars were parked outside, Picerno said it wasn’t unusual for friends to leave their cars there overnight.


"[The homeowner] is unaware of how his friends died," Picerno explained. 

"Like the rest of us, [the homeowner] is anxiously awaiting the results of the autopsy and toxicology report… On behalf of [the homeowner] and his family, we wish to express our deepest sympathies to the friends and family members of these young men, and our thoughts and prayers are with them."