KFC South Korea Launches Mint Chocolate Sauce Which Tastes Both Sweet & Salty

By Haider Ali in Food On 22nd July 2022

A new dipping sauce for their fried chicken with a mint chocolate flavor has been introduced by KFC South Korea. Photos of the unusual condiment reveal that it has a bright mint tone, not similar to toothpaste

Although it sounds and looks strange, perhaps minty fried chicken isn't such a horrible idea.

KFC South Korea is providing a Mint Choco Dipping Sauce in association with food delivery service Baedal Minjok, or Baemin.

Source: @eyesmag on Instagram

The Korea Herald attributes the sauce's flavor to a blend of "rich and sweet chocolate" and "fresh mint," citing the fast food restaurant.

What does it taste like when it is applied to fried chicken, though?

The sauce, which has an agreed service level to a thick spread or soup, will be sold at a few locations in South Korea until August 8.

Source: @eyesmag on Instagram
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Customers can get the Mint Choco Dipping Sauce in-store, through the KFC delivery app, or separately from combo meals.

According to The Edit Korea, a small tub costs approximately $0.95. (900 Korean Won).

Source: The Edit Korea

The rich sweetness of the chocolate and the saltiness of the chicken, according to foodies who have tried the unusual sauce with their fried chicken, will overload your taste senses.

It supposedly doesn't taste at all like toothpaste, contrary to what most people might think.

If you enjoy minty flavors a lot, you might enjoy it.

Source: The Edit Korea
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Even some brave internet users tried consuming the sauce with fries and hamburgers. Naturally, it tastes best when combined with other sweet foods, like biscuits.

A little less than a dollar is a little sum to pay for a meal experience that is both interesting and Instagrammable.

It's now only accessible in South Korea, but we want to be able to try a comparable version closer to home so that we can express our honest opinion.

Source: Inven Korea