Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose Had One Of The Biggest Twitter Fights Ever!

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 24th August 2015

#1 The Greatest Social Media Battle 2015

#2 In a Radio Interview with Power 105.1 FM, The Breakfast Club, Amber said this.

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#4 She asked Amber to say nothing about her family 'cz no one ever said something about her.

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#5 And them Amber had to get back. Very soon she did.

#6 And then she did what she perhaps shouldn't have. She went on record calling Kim Kardashian a who*e.

#7 Then Khloe explained that when she mentioned about Amber being a stripper, it was never an attack on her. It was just defending her sister.

#8 And then she explained things.

#9 She says that you never comment about someone until you dont know the person and I don't know Amber personally.

#10 Khole again reacted by the #DontPanic which happens to be a song of the French Montana, who is Khloe's on and off boyfriend.

#11 Surely, Khloe reacted then.

#12 And then the War kicked up on Instagram.. Amber posted a picture and suddenly Kayne West and Kim were in the picture. Rose dated West between 2008 and 2011.

#13 And then one of Kim's wedding pictures was posted by Amber. In this pic, it seems like Kayne is telling the Kardashian family to not mess up with Rose as she is from Philadelphia

#14 And then there was a screenshot where it seems like Khloe liked Ambe's nude photos. And it was yet again cationed with Kayne West reference.

#15 Amber then was again back on Twitter and this time she said that the Kardashians pay the Media to cover them.

#16 And then there was again she dropped a bomb on a long standing rumor of who Khloe's biological father was. OJ Simpson has made news a lot of times, but the Kardashian clan keeps denying it.

#17 Maenwhile Jenner was having a great selfie time, staying out of the whole thing!

#18 And then satisfied, posted on Twitter herself as the ultimate champion of the argument.