Kid Wrecks Family Car With Insane Firework Explosion

By Zainab Pervez in Fails On 8th July 2022

Fireworks have been a part of the 4th of July celebrations for decades. Being an explosive product there are obviously some inherent risks and dangers that come with light them off. Sometimes people are way too close, or the wind shifts direction and sends one hurling towards the crowd.

One such incident happened when, fireworks unexpectedly exploded in front of a suburban home on the Fourth of July, causing a family with young children to flee for safety. The shocking moment was all caught by a SimpliSafe security camera.


A family is seen celebrating the holiday  with children and adults of various ages, attempting to light fireworks on their front yard. The first firework suddenly goes off, drawing surprised screams from the family and causing a mother to pick up her baby and move it away. One child appears to be hit by an initial shell and yelps in surprise.

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The family then appears to believe the explosions have ceased, as they remain on the lawn. The first explosion, however, is closely followed by a firestorm. One shell seemingly ignites a fire in the driveway behind a parked van, which then lights up the entire box of fireworks, causing a massive explosion that sends the family running away. 

The explosion continues long after the family runs from the lawn, blasting away the chairs and blankets that were scattered there. It is unclear if anyone in the video was hurt or where the video took place.

On Wednesday, SimpliSafe tweeted to refute rumors that the explosion was a planned advertisement by the company, and asked people in the video to come forward and confirm they're alright. 

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Following July 4 celebrations this year, many hospitals across the US were forced to handle firework-related accidents. The pandemic took firework use to a new level with many Americans becoming increasingly indulgent in personal-use pyrotechnics. The National Safety Council, a non-profit safety advocacy organization, released a selection of rules to follow when setting off fireworks.

The video has garnered tens of millions of views since Tuesday.