Kids Really Do Lose Their Minds Over The Smallest Things

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 30th June 2018

Kids are a trip. They are learning the way of the world, and sometimes it can get to be quite overwhelming for them. They can have a total meltdown at the drop of a hat for no real apparent reason. Here are some hilarious depictions of kids totally losing it over the littlest things.

Where is my ducky?

Little kids are too cute. They really do have total meltdowns over the simplest things. However, we wonder if this kid's mom put his duck on his head to trigger a freak-out. How could you let that precious little face cry like that when his duck is right on his head?


Happy Birthday

This poor little guy is probably a very humble kid who does not do well getting a ton of attention. If I were him, I would not be crying over everyone singing. I would be crying over the fact that she just piled up donuts instead of getting a real cake for my birthday.

Oh No!

This poor kid thinks that the microwave ate his lunch. This child must be starving. If I were his mom, I might start throwing a Snickers at him. He is clearly hangry.


Lazy Bones

Kids are so funny. This little lazy bones must be truly exhausted if he could not reach just a couple of inches to reach his pennies. His parents must be horrible for not putting the pennies closer to him.

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