Kim Kardashian Facing Backlash For Complaining About Her Life As A Single Mom

By Abdul Rafay in Showbiz On 25th May 2023
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Kim Kardashian has gotten herself into trouble for speaking up about her life as a single mother of four children.

In a recent interview with the podcast On Purpose With Jay Shetty, the reality TV star said that she occasionally "cries herself to sleep" and that parenting is "really f**king hard."

"I would say parenting is the thing that has taught me the most about myself," the mother, who has four kids with her ex-husband Kayne West, stated.

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"It has been the most challenging thing.

"There are nights I cry myself to sleep. Like, what just happened? With all the moods and the personalities.

"There's nothing that can prepare you… but you will figure it out."

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Managing so many children with various needs, she continued, might quickly descend into complete "madness," especially while getting them all ready for school in the morning.

"It's like I always have to do one of my daughter's hair — and it has to be perfect and it has to be a certain way — and then this one needs me to put his shoes on and they all need you. ... It's like full crazy madness, cooking, running around. Like, it's wild," she disclosed.

Many emphasized that the SKIMS founder is better fortunate than other parents even though she tried to give an honest representation of balancing motherhood with a successful job.

Kim responded when asked if she ever hoped to fall in love again: "I think I’ll always be a hopeless romantic and always want to be in love and definitely love sharing my life with someone and love creating a life with someone.

"I definitely will take my time and I think there are so many factors, especially when you have kids and being mindful of people who enter into your life."

Kim added: "I'll always believe in love and I'll always want that, but I think I'm so comfortable taking my time to not rush it.

"There's so much going on that I'm not lonely."

One person wrote to Twitter: "Absolutely f**king no one feels bad for you Kim Kardashian. Millions of dollars n four nannies lmao please."

Another said: "What is this narrative exactly? First, Kylie and the unrealistic beauty standards that THEY themselves set and now we are supposed to believe that Kim is single, momming it out here as if she doesn't have 12 nannies, four cooks, two au pairs, seven housemaids et al."

A third commented: "Yeah, must be tough doing the nannies rota every week. Challenging is when it's a single mum with kids trying to cover the bills and put food on the table."

While another said: "Hi @KimKardashian, I saw that you cry yourself to sleep over the hardships of being a single mom. Poor single mom here. Can you point me to the advocacies you have created to help other single moms much less fortunate than you? I’ll wait."

Although a report from The Sun said Kim has "multiple" nannies, it's not known if they assist her with her family.