Kim Kardashian Posed Nude To Promote Her New Ultralight Beam Body Shimmer

Posted by Michael Avery in Fashion On 2nd December 2017

Kim Kardashian knows that her body is amazing. She regularly uses it to gain lots of attention so it's no surprise that she would pose nude in order to promote something. This time around she stripped down to show off her new Ultralight Beams body glitter and promote her makeup brand. I gotta say, it's pretty hot.

Kim Kardashian West has firmly established herself as a beauty product heavyweight. KKW Beauty products have taken the makeup industry by storm. You could say she has the Midas touch because everything she touches seems to turn to gold.


First, her perfume blew up and quickly sold out. Now Kardashian is making more moves by expanding her line of makeup.

It's not surprising that Kim knows makeup. The woman is a goddess when it comes to contouring. With the success of her Highlight kits and Creme Contour, she branched and released a powder contour.

Now she is taking things to the next level. Kim recently introduced her newest glosses and highlighters called Ultralight Beams. She took the name from the opening track of her husband's most recent album, 'The Life of Pablo.' What she did to promote the line, however, has everyone wishing they could keep up with this Kardashian.


Kim made a bold move by posing nude to promote the new products. She's never been the type to shy away from exposing her amazing figure and thick curves. She posed nude while covered with a golden shimmering body lotion that is part of her new line.

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