Kim Kardashian Says Her Family ‘Scammed The System’ To Be Successful

By Abdul Rafay in Showbiz On 4th December 2023
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Social media users are divided as Kim joked that the Kardashians "scammed the system."

Well, the Kardashian family. While some individuals have a great deal of attachment to the reality TV family, others could care less.


Whichever side you support, though, it doesn't really matter to them since, whether we like it or not, most of us could probably name every single one of them, as well as some of their children, even if we've never watched the show.

They also make squillions, oh.

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The Kardashian family chose to take stock of their achievements at the season four finale of The Kardashians, the newest reality TV series that documents the highs, lows, and ongoing controversy in their life.


Taking a journey down memory lane to their debut program, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they began by mentioning that Kourtney Kardashian's ex-husband and father of three of her children, Scott Disick, had "literally" been in the first episode of the initial run.

In a scene clip, Scott cracks jokes: "I was like, ‘This show’s going nowhere.'"

The jokes also don't end there.

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Kim genuinely expresses her gratitude to Scott for his unwavering 'support' of her 'through thick and thin'.

He responds: "[Remember] when you were on the cover of Dog Fancy?"

The other Kardashians are quick to point out that, just so you know, he's winding her up and that it was K9 Magazine.

Kim jests back: "Anything for a cover! Guys, we scammed the system. We did it! Whatever it is, we figured it out and did it! We put in some hard work."

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Kim joked that the Kardashians had "scammed the system," but not everyone found the joke humorous.

Several people took to social media to express their belief that the Kardashians had, in fact, done just that.

One X user replied to Kim's comment by saying: "Timing. They got it right. I'm not pushed at their success and wealth."

"Glad they realize what everyone else already feels," another wrote.


And a final resolved: "We know. Life is unfair, unfortunately."

A third commented: "That's for damn sure."


Still others supported the family, though. One person commented: "They didn't scam anything, she was born & raised in Brentwood California & not in the Bronx. Her dad #RobertKardashian was a powerful attorney defending famous clients such as Oj Simpson , Phil Psector (they are still shareholder in it) & her grandpa had a big chicken corporation."

And another resolved: "Everyone scammed the system, so WHAT LOL."