Kind-Hearted Mom of 9 Shelters 84-Year-Old Lady on Christmas Day to Save Her from Freezing

By Haider Ali in Feel Good On 17th January 2023

A Kind Gesture

The loving parents of nine children were Al Robinson and his wife, Vivian Gallon-Robinson. The pair, who also enjoyed being parents, worked as pastors at Buffalo, New York's Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry on Gold Street.

They never hesitated to show kindness, love, and joy because they saw themselves as God's servants who should do everything in their power to assist others. The Robinsons planned to celebrate the holiday season with their family around Christmas in 2022, completely unaware of fate's unexpected intentions for them.


The Terrific Snowstorm

The residents of Buffalo were sent into a frenzy on Friday, December 23, 2022, when a bomb cyclone turned into a terrifying blizzard. People suffered a great deal as a result of the permanent loss of their ability to get electricity, water, and warmth.

Taking it as a sign from above, Erich turned to his wife and told her they had been saved.

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Changing Their Holiday Plans

While the snowstorm affected a large portion of the United States, it is said that Erie County and Buffalo experienced more than four feet of snow, strong winds, and complete whiteout conditions. Al and Vivian had purchased enough food before the winter storm to last them and their nine children through the holidays.

Even though their children were grown, the Robinsons always got together to celebrate the holidays as a family. In order to welcome their kids and have a wonderful time resting, cooking, and having fun in their Buffalo home, they had made extensive preparations.

When the weather suddenly changed, the couple was living on the campus of their church. Without thinking twice, Vivian went to Facebook and uploaded a post inviting those who were trapped after the bomb cyclone and in need of food, shelter, and other necessities.


Rescuing People in the Wake of the Blizzard

The Robinsons claim that during the Buffalo storm, a friend with a snowmobile offered to pick up individuals and drive them to church. The couple claimed that in order to allow anyone to enter and find protection from the elements, they even managed to disable the automatic locks on the church doors.

The Robinsons assisted more than 100 people in surviving the storm by filling the church center with mattresses, beds, infant formula, food, and all the necessities. An elderly couple and their disabled son, who had been without power for more than 48 hours, were among those who were safely rescued.

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A Ray of Light Amid the Darkness

In their Buffalo home, Erich Pfeiffer, 87, and his wife Kathy Pfeiffer, 84, were struggling to stay warm without any electricity or heating. Erich couldn't help but think of death around Christmas because of how bad their situation was. But then he became conscious of something. Erich recalled:

"And [on] Christmas day, all of a sudden, the sun shined through the window."


Rescued & Received with Love, Care & Affection

Erich turned to his wife and informed her that they had been saved, taking it as a sign from above. A snowmobile that transported the elderly couple and their kid to the Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry allowed for their rescue an hour later.

Once there, Vivian fed Kathy, gave her a bath, washed her hair, submerged her feet in Epsom salts, and lavished her with love and attention. She gave the elderly woman a warm blanket, put her own hat on her head, and even drove her to the hospital for a checkup.


Kathy's Declaration of Love & Vivian's Humility

Kathy was moved by Vivian's kindness and told her, "Vivian, I love you." The fact that the Pfeiffers and their son are still alive and well is a result of Vivian's kind heart, the operator of the snowmobile, and the church ministry.

Pastor Vivian and Sweet Buffalo's Facebook pages both posted the incredibly moving story, which received an overwhelmingly positive response from internet users all over the world. "3 days with Kathy and Erich Pfeiffer and their son Kevin. I had her wrapped like a baby and put my hat on her," wrote Vivian.


The Elderly Couple's Sweetest Response

The daughter and another son of the elderly couple thanked the Robinsons for caring for their parents and preserving their lives. Erich was overjoyed and referred to Al and Vivian as his "angels," while his wife said:

"It's hard to explain, but these are such wonderful people. I couldn't have done it without them. They helped me so much."


Pastor Al's Reaction & The Online Support

Despite going above and beyond to save lives and assist others, Al and Vivian maintained their calm and affirmed that God had appointed them to a great job. "People need to realize that if God has given them the ability to help someone else, it is incumbent upon them to help someone else," added Al.

A lot of people were moved by Pastor Al and Vivian's kindness and devotion to the old couple and praised, commended, and appreciated them. Here are some of the remarks that were made:

"These pastors sacrificed all they had, including Christmas with their own family to take care of strangers. He carried people on his back and she bathed and washed the hair of the elderly and feeble. If that isn't the work of Jesus here on Earth, I don't know what is. This story brought me to tears it's so awe-inspiring."

"God bless you for your faithfulness to serve God and others !! Such an encouragement !!"

 "That woman and her husband are truly doing God's work...not just during the storm, but every day...I am familiar with them from their BBQ restaurant in Lovejoy...amazing food and everyone should support them."

 "Pastor Vivian is one of the best people in the whole world. An Angel of God- she is just amazing. Love this so much."