12 Common Kissing Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Partner's Mood

By Muk Khatri in Life Style On 12th October 2015

#1 Bad breath

Always have a stick of gum or a mint before making out!

#2 Keep it slow!

Don't use too much force while kissing and try keep it slow. She might turn off!

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#4 Getting your partner all wet

She is not going to be happy with your excess saliva on her face and neck. Be careful.

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#5 Getting handsy too soon

Don't jump to the next level too soon, you might get thrown out.

#6 Use bit of your tongue!

If your partner is using her tongue and you don't at all, then the situation will turn strange! Support your partner.

#7 Not relaxed

Never make your partner tense by acting too stiff. Try to be more relax.

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#8 Control your teeth!

It's not fun for your partner to knock the teeth. So try to keep it in control.

#9 Not enough variance

Try to make it fresh and switching it up otherwise it will get boring.

#10 Chapped lips

Before making out, apply some lip balm!

#11 Close your eyes!

Don't open your eyes widely at the time of making out.

#12 Kissing too early!

You will get your chance to kiss for the first time.