Kitten Found Alone In The Grass, Meowing For Help. Now A Year Later...

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 27th September 2015

#1 Kitten is finally in a safe home. After a very needed bath, he fell asleep in the blanket.

"We found him crying all alone in the grass. He was only two weeks old and malnourished," reddit user Brinjers wrote.

"We couldn't leave him there, he was lying in the grass a few feet away from the pavement where his mom was run over. This is him the first night, he was so little!"

#2 They kept him warm in a scarf and cared for him around the clock.

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#4 He loves clinging to his humans like glue.

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#5 Whenever they are on the computer, he wants to be there too.

#6 Cleaning those happy feetz in his human’s arms.

#7 It was their one year anniversary 3 days ago… “I always get emotional thinking about how helpless he used to be…” Look at him now!

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