Kitten Found Covered in Glue, Now Covered in Love

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 27th September 2015

#1 This tiny kitten has an unbelievable fighting spirit. She was covered in glue when she was found at just a few days old. The little fur baby wasn’t willing to go down without a fight.

#2 “We got a call from animal control to take in this one-week old kitten… She was rescued by a good Samaritan from some abusive kids who were covering her with glue. Some had been cleaned or shaved off when she arrived, but she’s still a mess.”

Lisa Vallez, a passionate animal rescuer, took the little kitten in, spent hours cleaning out the glue and gave the kitten a warm bath, plenty of food and all the love she could supply. The brave little kitten soon turned around.

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#4 She’s a survivor and nursing on her bottle of kitten milk replacer like a champ!

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#5 Brushing that beautiful coat.

#6 Kitty’s foster mom is patiently and carefully removing all the glue residue.

#7 It’s hard to believe how this little girl looked when she was found. Just look at her now!

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