Know The Differences Between Vaginal Birth Or C-Section.. Which is better?

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 16th October 2015

#1 This is how the microbiology comes to action.


The microorganisms derived from the vaginal pathway leads to the production of specific cytokines, which promotes the normal development of a child's immune system. From physiological point of view, post op recovery time is shorter than that of C-section, and the mother can hold and breastfeed the baby soon after the delivery. And from the psychological point of view the mother feels empowered and overwhelmed knowing that she has participated actively in her child's birth.

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Two most common methods of normal delivery are by using forceps or vacuum extraction. The decision is made by the Doctor depending upon the case. The only cons of this process is that sometimes the child may get harmed due to the application of forceps or vacuum, but cases like these are rare if the process is performed by a skilled surgeon.


In most of the cases, Surgeons suggest C-section only when one or the other kind of risk is involved in child birth. Although nowadays females opt for this voluntarily as it is comparatively pain free and less time taking. Definitely the labor time and the pain can be avoided by this method but it increases the chances of infections and increased time in recovery.

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#5 This is the whole C-section procedure in nut shell.

Both the methods are very different from each other, and both of them have their own share of pros and cons the bottom line of the story is to ensure the safety and health of the baby. Every case and every patient is different, so the ultimate aim of the surgeon is to ensure a safe delivery of the child while keeping the best interest of mother in mind.