Let's Take A Walk Down Memory Lane To Remember The Simpler Times We Enjoyed As Children

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 30th June 2018

Elmer's Glue

Kids nowadays have fidget spinners and smartphones. When we were bored in school, we played with Elmer's glue. Nothing was more satisfying than peeling this dried glue off of your hands. The upside was that it also made our hands super soft.


Danish Butter Cookies

Growing up almost everyone's grandma had a tin of Danish Butter Cookies in her home. If you were lucky, there might have actually been some cookies in the tin. Sadly, grandma typically stored her sewing supplies or button collection inside disappointing expectant people searching for a cookie.


Sweet Treats

We had some of the best sweet treats back in the day. Our favorite out of all of these was the Fruit Stripes gum. You got a five-second blast of fruity flavor before the gum lost all taste, so you would go through an entire pack of gum in a day.

Favorite Pens

You were not cool if you did not have at least one of these pens growing up. They had smaller versions that had just black, blue, and red ink, but these fat ones had all kinds of colors, and if you owned one, you definitely tried to push down all of the colors at once.


Math Drills

We used to have math drills that looked like this sheet here. They also came in addition, subtraction, and division. The goal was to properly answer as many math questions as possible in 60 seconds. If you could finish the whole sheet, you were a rock star.

Baby Bottles

All little girls had one of these baby bottles to go with their baby dolls. You might even have had one that had what looked like orange juice in the bottle. Trying to figure out where the milk disappeared to when you turned the bottle upside down still baffles us to this day.

Parachute Tents

In elementary school, when the gym teacher brought this out, you just knew that it was going to be the best day, ever. We used to run in and out from under it while a group of students held on to the edges and flapped it up and down. It really was the coolest thing we got to do in school.

Fortune Tellers

When we were in school, we did not have smart devices and chrome books to keep us occupied. Instead, we made up our own fortune tellers like these or played a good game of MASH. Times were so much more simple then.


I do not know about the rest of you, but I clearly remember being sent to my room as a kid and having absolutely nothing else to do but to talk into my fan. This would keep me occupied for hours on end.


If you had any kind of movie collection growing up, you remember it taking up a whole lot of space. We did not have skinny DVD or BlueRay discs. We had big fat VHS tapes.

Real World Problems

Nothing was worse than the ink from your page turning the tips of your markers black. There was no way to get it off either. You just had to throw that marker away because it was no good anymore.

Marker Swords

Again, things were much simpler then. We grew up in an age that was not technologically advanced. There were no cell phones or computers. We played outside instead of sitting in the house playing video games. And, everything was a possible toy just like this sword made from magic markers.