Life Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

Posted by Annie N. in Life Style On 1st September 2021

Life is complicated enough. Here are a few hacks to make it a little bit simpler.


You can never be too careful. Plus you get some great pictures of your kids.

"I used to do this when my daughter was little, "just in case." When going on a crowded outing with your kid, snap a photo of them on your cell phone camera when you arrive. That way, if something happens and you get separated, you have a photo of them that is recent, in the clothes they're wearing that day. Also, stick one of your business cards in your kid's pockets."


You'll thank yourself when you're nodding from the food coma.

"Do the dishes whilst cooking instead of waiting around. Leaves the majority of the dishes done by the time your food is cooked."


Plot twist: We're always hungry.

"Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry."


This one's so smart we're annoyed we didn't think of it.

"Measure your hand from your fingertips to palm and memorize it. Now you can judge the size of anything without a ruler. I've used this my whole life to estimate distances of all kinds of things. Also pick a finger that is pretty close to 1cm or a joint close to 1 inch and remember which is which. You will never need a ruler to estimate again."


For when you live the nomadic life.

"Back when I was 18-26, I always had one full bag packed in my car. It generally had clean underwear, a t-shirt or two, jeans, shorts, flops, and toothbrush/deodorant. I can't tell you how many times I'd just meet up with some friends and next thing you know it was 2AM and I needed a place to sleep. Having everything with me was awesome."


Cant be stressed if you're all dressed.

"Always be ten minutes early to everything, no matter what; once it's a habit, you'll never stress about being late again. If something unexpected happens in transit, you're on time. Bam!"


This way you can see how your style has evolved over time as well.

"Putting my clothes in my closet with the hangers reversed once a year. As I pull clothes out, I reverse the hanger. Every year I give away any clothes that I never took out."

The inception of references.

"Here is a lifehack for all of the students out there. If you are charged with writing a lengthy research paper, find one very solid source that directly pertains to your thesis, and then you can use that source's bibliography to back into locating new sources."


CAr keys or your phone, because you never let those go.

When you need to remember to bring something with you, put your car keys on it the night before.

Grocery store sandwiches are a scam. Make your own.

"Make lunch for work the night before.

Groceries are way cheaper than eating out every day - f**k anyone who thinks you're lame because you don't have a Timmyho bagel or BK for lunch everyday. I'm saving 4-5$ per meal.

Not making lunch the morning makes the morning that much smoother."


Brb. gotta try something.

"Putting socks on before pants. Socks are like pant lubricants. Believe it."


Because only procrastination can beat procrastination.

"If there's something I need to do but am procrastinating, I find something else I also need to do that's even more of a chore. I can then put off doing the second thing by doing the first."


Guess we all have different methods

"If there's something big I want to get done, I tell all my friends I'm going to do it. The fear of looking like an ass helps keep me motivated."

It's only awkward the first time.

"Try to put yourself in as many socially awkward situations as possible. You will be desensitized to it which makes you more outgoing."



Wage war on future, lazier you.

"Place alarm clock across the room, so you have to get up to turn it off. Especially if you know you're going to have trouble getting up in the morning."


Where was this when we were teens?

"Applying an ice cube to a zit will reduce swelling and redness."



Example: What's your favourite movie?

"To talk to people all you have to do is just ask questions. just let them talk."


Sometimes you just have to hack your body.

"When you wake up in the middle of the night to do something, cover one eye with your hand and leave it there until you return to darkness. The eye that was covered will have retained its ability to see well in the dark so you will not run into the dresser on your way back to bed."


Also care for future, drunker you

"While pre-gaming or preparing for a night out, ensure that there is at least a pint of fresh water next your bed. You are unlikely to think of this when you get in and it will help you immensely in the night/morning"


This will also strike fear into your colleague's hearts. Make direct, unblinking eye contact.

"Take notes during meetings, even if it seems like something simple you will remember later. After 10 more simple things get mentioned, you start forgetting them."



Buy a great bed. Work from home. Never leave.

"Invest in a good bed, you use the thing a third of your life! All the good stuff happens there. Sleep after a long day's work, snu-snu with the missus, and if you're like me, 90% of Sunday."

Messy kitchen = Messy house.

"Never go to bed with a messy kitchen/dirty dishes. Waking up to a clean kitchen feels good and it makes making breakfast a lot easier in the morning when you're 1/2 asleep."



It's called self-care baby!

"Cut negative people out of your life.
Cut people out of your life who only contact you when they want you to do something for them."

Make the soundtrack to your life yourself.

"I used to have my computer set up to start playing a specific iTunes playlist on the stereo at a certain time. The playlist was exactly as long as I had in the morning and went from chill songs to more energetic. Throughout my morning routine, I could always tell how I was doing on time by the currently playing song."



Learn your patterns.

"If I spend time looking for something, as soon as I find it and finish using it I put it back the FIRST place I looked for it."

It's like a free bulletin board.

"I use my refrigerator as a giant dry erase board. Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove permanent marker if you use the wrong pen."


The two extremes.

"I'm naturally lazy, so I work out first thing in the morning. It wakes me up and then it's over and done with and I don't have to care about it for the rest of the day. I can be lazy during/after work and not feel guilty."