Little Girl Breaks Rules And Interrupts Ceremony To Give A Warm Hug To Her Dad

By Michael Avery in Feel Good On 13th October 2015

#1 Little Cara running towards her dad.

Sometimes all it takes is love that changes everything.

Sometimes that love is in the form of a hug. This certainly was the case when this daughter rushed to her Daddy and couldn't resist hugging him as he was in a homecoming ceremony in Colorado. It was Lieutenant Daniels Oglesby's return from an eight month plus assignment in Southwest Asia. His daughter Cara simply could not wait a second longer. She had to get that hug in even though the ceremony wasn't finished. Oglesby in turn obviously couldn't resist returning the hug! While it broke formation, it was understandable and absolutely so adorable that everyone relished in the memorable moment of a daughter so happy to finally see her Daddy once again.

#2 Dad dropped down to receive the hug.

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#4 Check out the entire adorable video footage here:

Amazingly adorable! What a little sweetheart this girl is and how lucky the dad is for having such a wonderful daughter!

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