Little Girl Has Monster Face Tumor Removed

Posted by Waleed Raza in Heartbreaking On 17th March 2016

#1 Little girl is affected by a monster size tumor growing in her mouth.

She is just 17 year old , her name is Grace and she worried all the time , and she is not happy with the condition of her mouth.



She was too self-conscious to go outside, although she was able to eat and speak. The tumor was growing so fast that parents of the teenager worried about the condition of the child and doctors said it would eventually cause her to suffocate.


#3 Doctors try their best to remove the tumor but they failed to help her.

One of her family members found out about a place to have a operation on board the 'Africa mercy'.

Mercy ships travel around the world conducting surgery for disadvantaged people.

#4 This operation was about four hours long.

During the operation doctors decided to remove some of Grace's teeth and her lower jaw before fitting her with titanium plates to replace the missing parts of her mouth.

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