Little Girl Injures Her Finger Severely At Daycare, Mom Later Realizes There May Be More To The Accident Then She Is Informed By The Daycare

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 2nd February 2018

Erica Kays was reported on a phone call her daughter has severed her finger badly due to an accident and that she should rush to the hospital. Reaching there, mom was horrified to see her daughter's battered hand. The distressed mom when tried to dig the details of the accident the daycare refused to bear any responsibility for the accident. But determined to know what happened, parents of the toddler have decided to take legal action and are suing the daycare.

#1 Mom Receives Call Her 2-Year Old Has Injured Herself Badly

Erin Kays panicked badly when she was told on the phone her 2-year old daughter has injured her finger badly at her daycare and has been shifted to Oak Harbor hospital with a severed finger. The distressed mom was told, "It’s your baby, and a chunk of her finger is just not there. It’s just in a little plastic bag next to you. It’s devastating."

Mom was told her daughter was not listening to the orders and hurt herself when trying to climb a rocking chair. The little girl continued to stand on the chair and ultimately tipped over.


#2 Blood Everywhere

Kays says, the daycare had wrapped her daughter's finger very tightly and when the bandage was removed the toddler's finger was all red with blood everywhere, "They had bound it up pretty good on the way to the hospital and they were unwinding it. It went from white to pink to red, to blood everywhere. I lost it."

#3 Something Fishy Going On

Kays believes there was something fishy with daycare's report and believes her daughter's injury is not entirely an accident and there is some truth that is not told to the parents. Meanwhile, the daycare centre has expressed their concern over toddler's injuries but have refused to take responsibility for the incident.


#4 Handling The Accident Badly

The worried mom says her daughter is in a lot of pain and recovering at home, "You can tell she’s in quite a bit of pain but, because she’s so young, all we can really do is give her Tylenol or Motrin." Outraged by the daycare's response, Kays took to social media to rant and call out the Institute for their irresponsible attitude, "Originally, we were told that she was standing on a rocking chair and the chair tiped over. We were told the force of the fall detached the finger tip. This always seemed very shady to us,” Kays wrote about Leigha’s injuries on Facebook. “A reliable source informed us that one of the teachers at the daycare (it hasn't come to light who that person is) sat down in the rocker, rocking back over my daughters finger. The daycare had the audacity to blame my daughter for this incident."

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