Lizzo Announces She Is Quitting Music In Dramatic Statement

By maks in Showbiz On 30th March 2024

Lizzo dropped a bombshell on us, saying she's "quit."

This artist, known for catchy tunes like 'About Damn Time' and 'Truth Hurts,' seems to hint that we might not hear new music from her anymore.

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Under her real name, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, Lizzo surprised her followers on Instagram yesterday, 29 March, with a post that left everyone shocked.

It looks like she's fed up with the constant trolling and negative vibes thrown her way online, as she expressed frustration, saying she "didn't sign up for this s**t."

Some of her fans are crossing their fingers, hoping this is all a setup for an April Fool's gag.

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However, many are worried she's stepping away from music for good, turning to her own lyrics to remind her that she's "Special."

In her own words, Lizzo shared: "I'm getting tired of putting up with being dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet."

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"All I want is to make music and make people happy and help the world be a little better than how I found it."


"But I'm starting to feel like the world doesn't want me in it."

The 35-year-old continued, sharing her struggles: "I'm constantly up against lies being told about me for clout & views… being the butt of the joke every single time because of how I look… my character being picked apart by people who don't know me and disrespecting my name."

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"I didn't sign up for this s**t - I QUIT," she concluded, adding a peace sign emoji for emphasis.

Lizzo dropped her fourth studio album, Special, in July 2022 and took it on tour from 2022 through 2023 across North America, Europe, and Oceania.

She made an appearance on the Barbie movie soundtrack with a new song titled 'Pink,' but hasn't released more music since.

Though she's been promoting her shapewear brand, Yitty, Lizzo has been somewhat less visible in the music scene, especially after allegations last year that she sexually harassed her backup dancers.

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The creator of 'Rumours' faced a lawsuit from some dancers accusing her of creating a hostile work environment and sexual harassment, all of which Lizzo has denied.


Reacting to her announcement about "quitting," a fan commented: "Get you a Beyoncé shut off switch, Sis! Find tools and practices to shut out the noise - it's possible! All great artists need one especially in this day and age where everyone's opinions are platformed and amplified. Do not quit!!"

Another shared their support: "You are so necessary, talented and important. You also deserve peace. Whatever makes you happy, I support."

While many others shared messages of love and encouragement, urging her to "never quit," one fan humorously asked: "When does 'I Quit' come out on Spotify?"

And yet another guessed: "April 1st."