Locals Say Russian Dad Who Murdered His 'Pedophile' Friend Should Not Face Murder Charges

Posted by Sama in News On 8th September 2021

A vile incident reported where this Russian dad accidentally found footage of his close friend raping his daughter on his phone. Unable to control his anger, the dad confronted the pedophile and later told the police of his actions. Reportedly, dad shares that he had no intention of killing the rapist but things turned out this way. Now the Russian society is standing up for the man and raising their voices, asking the law to save the man from murder charges as he did the right thing.


A Russian dad arrested for killing a pedophile who raped his daughter when she was only 8-years old should not face criminal charges according to the Russians.

Reportedly, the child sex attacker Oleg Sviridov, 32, kept mobile phone videos of his abuse of several children in Vintai village in Russia's Samara region, according to law enforcement officials. 

Rocket engine factory worker Vyacheslav M, 34, was drinking with his friend Sviridov, when he came across the footage on the man's phone raping Vyacheslav's daughter, now nine. 


Furious, the father confronted Sviridov for his vile actions but before he could act, the rapist ran away.

Reportedly, the pedophile is a close family friend of Vyacheslav's family and even used to babysit his daughter whom he sexually abused on multiple occasions.

The distressed father then reported the rape to the local police who then started a manhunt for Sviridov.

However, before the police can capture the rapist, the dad was able to track him down and stabbed him to death.


Vyacheslav later told police that Sviridov had 'stumbled on the knife during a quarrel' in a forest near the village, stating that initially, he had no intention to kill him with the blade.

Later the body of the pedophile was found near the village, only a few days after Vyacheslav had seen the abusive video. The police then detained Vyacheslav and the case is under investigation.


Thorugh Sviridov's mobile, police have found further evidence which shows how he sexually abused three other children and filmed them.

Police sources said that the deceased man's phone contained other sickening videos which showed violent rapes of other village girls, aged 6 and 11. 

The distressing videos show that the pedophile had been raping other village kids for five years before Vyacheslav discovered the footage on his phone.


Now the locals of the village in Vintai and online commenters are demanding that Vyacheslav should not face a murder charge.

'He is not a murderer - he protected his daughter and our children too,' said one local.

'Everyone is on his side.'


Famous TV journalist and former Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak told her followers:

'All parents are standing up for the paedophile's killer.'

Another commenter Anna Plekhanova said:

'If the crime is proven by video facts, then is the girl's father wrong?

'Any normal parent, mother or father, would have torn apart such a paedophile right on the spot.

'Protecting children is the direct responsibility of parents.'


Yulia Salinder added:

'It's good that he killed the bastard because our law would have put him in jail for only eight years - or even less - and he would be out again.'

Vladimir Novikov said:

'It is necessary to introduce the death penalty for paedophiles or we will see the lynching of non-humans.'

Svetlana Katargina commented:

'The father can be understood.

'Such wild creatures have no place in this world and paedophilia cannot be cured.

'Perpetrators get out of jail and start to rape children again.'


Sviridov's mother reportedly told local media that her son used to babysit Vyacheslav's children often and the two had been long-time friends. 

'I don't know how it got to this,' she said, referring to the rape of Vyacheslav's daughter.

'He must have been drunk. Most likely he was drunk. They left their children with him all the time.

'When he baby-sat these girls he came back home as normal, in a good mood.'