Looking At These Photos Of Old Telephone Towers, You Will Be Glad You Live In The Era Of Cell Phones

By Muk Khatri in History On 30th September 2015

#1 It Is Huge!

It is not only big but also reminds me of the tower of a castle that is under construction.

#2 Wires All The Way!

I wonder how these wires got there and how they connected them with other places!

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#4 A Far Away Look!

Look how this enormous structure looked like even from that much distance.

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#5 How They Work Here!

It must be really hard for them to work in a structure like this.

#6 Smoke on the Tower

And that's how any mishap on the tower was tackled.

#7 A View From Above!

That's how this big giant tower looked from the top!

#8 Look Closely!

This is the comparison of this tower with other buildings.

#9 Closer Look of the Flag

That's the closest view of the flag present on the smaller tower of the big tower.

#10 A Security Guard!

Do you think there is something to guard in this tower!

#11 And That's All...

You can now wonder how many other towers like that would be present in the world at that time!