Losing Teenage Daughter In An Accident, Grieving Mom Finds Solace In Letters Daughter Wrote Her On Her Previous Birthday

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 18th September 2018

#1 Losing Loved One In A Tragic Accident

The only fear that we all can consider as our mutual is the fear of losing our loved ones. We all can relate to it because we all go through this fear almost daily. It was especially tough for Cindy, why you ask? Cindy lost her dearest teenage daughter, 16-year old Macy in an unfortunate car accident.


#2 The News Left Cindy Traumatized, She Didn't Know If She Could Continue With Her Life

Sudden deaths are the worst, especially for a parent who lose their child in a tragedy. For Cindy, it was heartbreaking to the point where she doubted that if she will be able to carry on with her life without her baby girl by her side. Continuing her life like a corpse, Macy was broken beyond repair after she heard the news of a car accident that killed not only her daughter but Macy's boyfriend Sattler too.


#3 Macy Left A Set Of Letters For Her Mother Like She Almost Knew That Her Mother Would Be Needing The Letters In Future

Just when Cindy thought she couldn't carry on any longer, she found something in her room that served as a consolation for her. For her previous birthday, Cindy received a set of 25 letters from her daughter, each titled differently. Like if she was missing her, there was a letter with a title, 'If you miss me.' Other letters included were 'When You Need To Smile,' or 'When You Need To Know How Much I Love You,' or 'When You Can’t Sleep.' It was almost like, Macy knew that her mother would be needing those letters in future after she would be gone.


#4 It Was Almost Like Cindy Found A Piece Of Her Daughter Again

Getting those letters were like a blessing in disguise. For Cindy, it was almost like she found a piece of her daughter and got her back again after losing her. One such letter 'Open when you miss me' gave Cindy solace and she could almost feel Macy's presence beside like her. The letter read, "Open when… you miss me. I’m sorry that you’re missing me. I hope that wherever you are or whatever you’re doing you’re okay. I’m probably missing you too."

#5 These Letters Are What Keep Macy Alive For Cindy

Getting strength from her deceased daughter's letters, Cindy finally got enough strength to open up about her daughter's death. Talking to a media outlet, Cindy says, They’re so on point, and there are occasions where she knew me way too well. My daughter knew me. Most of them are definitely uplifting."

#6 The Letters Helped Cindy To Move On And Finally Accept The Heartbreaking Truth

Cindy in her interview confesses that she almost forgot about the letters until she rediscovered one of them in the car trunk. In one letter, titled 'When you can't sleep' the emotional letter read, "I want you to know that I love you. I feel like I don’t tell you that enough. And since you can’t sleep and you’re probably stressed about something, I need you to know that I love you."

#7 Cindy Claims She Almost Forgot About The Letters Until She Found One Of The Letter In Her Car Trunk

Discovering that one letter, Cindy almost broke down in tears and rushed to her room to search for the remaining letter. Getting teared up, Cindy added, "That’s when I had remembered she had written these letters for me,” Mathis said. “I tore my room apart looking for all of them."

#8 The Letters Were The Best Gift A Parent Could Receive From Their Child

Cindy claims that the letters were the best gift that a parent could ever receive from a child. For her, the letters were the best remedy and helped her greatly in her grieving process. Cindy says that it was almost like her daughter knew that she would be leaving soon, "I did feel lonely when she left me. We’d talk about her moving to New York with Adam or living the good life, moving away and leaving, but not like this. I feel like she knew. Maybe deep down, she knew, or maybe God told her."


#9 Cindy Was Stuck In Her Grieving Process And Had No Idea As How To Deal With The Pain

Macy's death was so sudden that it was hard for Cindy to accept the truth and the reality almost seemed surreal. She was stuck in her grieving process and didn't know how to deal with the pain. It was almost like her daughter was there with her one minute and the next minute she was gone. For Cindy, the letters served as a closure, finally accepting that Macy is no more and the little she could do now was find solace in her daughter's words. "I’m very thankful for them, because I don’t have closure. They give me a little bit of closure to know how much she knew I loved her. They keep her alive."

#10 The Letters Gave Cindy A Closure Which She Needed The Most After Her Daughter's Sudden Death

In hopes of giving a little bit of comfort to parents who lost their children tragically, Cindy has made a facebook page dedicated to her dear daughter. On this page, Cindy shares her daughter's letters with the world. The mom says, "Each [letter] has helped me in so many ways,” Mathis said. “It’s like she knew, but she didn’t know… It’s an amazing feeling. It feels like she’s there with me."