Lularoe Faces Criticism Again After Top Vendor Mocks People With Special Needs

Posted by Sama in Fashion On 2nd February 2018

Being a part of a scandal or facing a lawsuit is not something that is new for Lularoe, one of the leading fashion brands in the US. But mocking people based on their special needs and humiliating them with cheap gestures and putting the video on a public forum, we believe that is a new low, even for Lularoe. What's more disappointing here is the response of the owners of the company who have neglected the issue altogether and have decided to take no action over this.


#1 Where Fashion Meets Comfort?

Lularoe is one of the best-selling fashion brands in America with a tagline that states, "Where Fashion Meets Comfort," but clearly the brand does not really know how to follow their own words as after facing a number of scandals and lawsuits over the past few years the brand is in hot water again.


#2 Facing Number Of Lawsuits In The Past

This time the issues are not related to their poor merchandise or poor customer service which they have been blamed of multiple times in the past. The issue this time also has nothing to do with the billion-dollar suit filed against the brand last year.


#3 Publicly Mocking People With Special Needs

This time the company has apparently crossed all their humane limits and the owners Mark and DeeAnn Stidham are heavily criticised as their top vendor Robert “Bobby” Budenbender had no shame for publicly mocking people with special needs and even had the courage to put up the video on a public forum.

#4 Making Faces And Saying "I Am Special"

In the video, Budenbender could be disgustingly heard mocking people with down syndrome and could be heard saying, "Hi, my name is Robert, and I’m special" while making faces to the camera as he continues to speak to his audience during an online sale of LulaRoe clothing."


#5 Apologizing To The Public

The irony of the situation is Budenbender's own wife's sister suffers from down syndrome. Seems like a joke, right? Well after realizing the seriousness of the situation Budenbender worked up some tears and posted a video alongside his wife Tanya and her sister Anisa, apologizing profusely for his humiliating behavior.

The man even had the courage to bring his sister along in the video, well that ultimately proves how much shameless he is.

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