Luna’s Rescue Journey From Stray Life To Forever Home

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 4th October 2015

#1 “This is when I first met ‘Luna’ at my friend’s granite shop.”

The man didn't just stop there. He scooped up the little kitty, gave her a flea bath, litter trained her, set up appointments for shots, got her spayed and gave her a forever home. "In the first day she ate half a box of dry cat food and 3 cans of wet food. She pooped a lot that night The next day she ate 2 cans of wet and was a lot more relaxed. When I found her in the granite yard, she was trying to eat a rock."

#2 “She was maybe 2 months old and already skin and bone.”

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#4 “Oh god…. I was not prepared for this.”

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#5 “Her dual colored eyes were really enchanting. Only with food in her belly did she perk up enough to show her face.”

#6 “And she was very happy to have food in her belly. I sat and pet her for a solid hour before deciding to take her home.”

#7 “When i got her home she ate… and ate.. and ate and ate.”

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#8 “She mastered the litter tray instantly.”

#9 “She needed a flea bath since she was covered in them. No crying or anything. Just relaxed in the warm water.”

#10 “She was a lap cat instantly.”

#11 “I’ve never rescued an animal before and all of this was new to me. I can’t even begin to explain how rewarding and fulfilling it all was. It was a huge highlight of the year.”