Maintenance Worker Finds Helpess Puppy Inside Dumpster

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Heartbreaking On 17th February 2018

A maintenance worker found A black Labrador retriever puppy in a dumpster near Pollock Pines shopping center.

A maintenance worker heard cries coming from a dumpster, so he opened it only to find an adorable black Labrador retriever puppy.


The man posted the photo of the puppy on the El Dorado County Watch Facebook page, he wrote:

"The puppy was sitting on top of the trash bag There was no way he could get in or out by himself."

El Dorado County Animal Services showed up, and they immediately agreed to take the dog.

El Dorado County Animal Services Chief Henry Brzezinski said: "That’s just a horrendous thing to do to an animal, That’s why animal shelters exist. We’ll take animals in if people no longer want them. We work with people if they can’t afford an owner surrender fee. So there’s always a shelter around that’s going to work with somebody."


According to the El Dorado County Animal Services:

"[The dog] was very well nourished, he looked like he was really well cared for, so we're puzzled as to what happened."


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